7 Steps to Building Better Business Relationships

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Great business relationships aren’t as mysterious or complicated as some might want you to believe. BY KEN LIN Founder and CEO, Credit Karma@kennethlin For all the attention given to developing unbeatable sales strategies and cutting-edge business negotiation techniques, great business relationships aren’t as mysterious or complicated as some want you to believe. There’s little trick to

This Drinking Game Can Boost Your Team’s Creativity in 13 Minutes

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Here’s how one creative agency has used a drinking game, derived from Pictionary and Telephone, to get more excited and creative about upcoming presentations. BY ILAN MOCHARI Senior Writer, Inc.@IlanMochari You couldn’t be blamed for being skeptical about a presentation titled “Why Stories Matter.” After all, if there’s a concept marketers have milked in the last

Steve Jobs Knew How to Run a Meeting: Here’s How He Did It

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At 31 years of age, Steve Jobs left Apple and started NeXT. Here’s an inside look at a company meeting, and what you can learn from it. BY JUSTIN BARISO  |   Founder, Insight@JustinJBariso Brilliant. Passionate. Overbearing. Impatient. Steve Jobs’s management style has been described in many ways, both positive and negative. Love him or hate him,