Our Investment Strategies
VCFAustralia is a highly capitalised venture capital firm that is searching for Australian companies who have a product or service with a potential global reach.

While we have a strong focus on funding technology companies, we are interested in any Australian startup that has the potential of reaching an international market. We generally look for companies that are in the seed funding or late VC/early expanding investment rounds. Companies that are attractive to us have a professional and realistic business plan, and have clearly passed the early stages of product or service development. In exchange for an equity stake in the company itself, we provide the funding to help bring your product or service to a global marketplace. We don’t consider companies that are only targeting the local Australian market.

If your company has reached this level and has a global reach potential, we’d like to hear from you to determine if your company is one that we would like to help move forward in the marketplace.

Helping You Succeed
If we choose to partner with you it is important to us that  you succeed. Because we demand equity shares in exchange for our funding, your success is our path to getting a return on investment. We also know that founders need to focus on their vision, and can’t afford to be distracted by business areas they may not have expertise in. With that in mind, we will help contribute to your success if necessary.

VCFAustralia has extensive experience in marketing, developing contacts, expanding to an international level, closing contracts, franchising, intellectual property rights, and legal issues that affect developing firms. We can also help you with your corporate structure, tax issues and unexpected business challenges. VCFAustralia is always more than willing to use our years of business experience to help your product or service achieve its full potential. Any venture capital firm can provide financing. We provide experience and guidance and help you keep focused on growing your ideas into tangible assets.

Our Overall Criteria
While we are flexible in our funding considerations, we do have some general criteria when it comes to investing with a new company.

  • We expect a reasonable equity stake in the company
  • We expect to have board representation
  • It is assumed that you can provide traditional stockholder levels of protection
  • We are looking for companies that are looking for $xxx to $xxx in funding
  • Your marketing capitalisation should be <$xxx
  • The total investment horizon should be no longer than xxx years
  • You should have a compelling business plan
  • You must be based in Australia, but with a plan to expand to the international market
  • Your company should be able to prove you are past the early development stage

Potential Investors
In addition to searching for startup companies to invest in, VCFAustralia is also looking for people who are looking to invest in a proven venture capital firm. We have spent the past two years helping companies grow, and seen a positive return on our investments.

If you are looking for a vibrant and proactive venture capital firm to invest in, we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking to expand our own capitalisation so we can help as many potential Australian companies as possible make it to the world stage.

The Bottom Line
Whether you are a growing startup company that needs venture capital to reach the global marketplace or an investor looking to work with an established venture capital firm, VCFAustralia wants to hear from you.