Information Technology

We have a strong focus on funding technology companies, we are interested in any startup or business that has an existing product or idea that could be a potential game changer. We all seek the fabled unicorn.

Food and Agriculture

We are actively investing in building great companies who are transforming global food for the better. We are very well versed in exported food items to China.


Technology is being increasingly used to digitise textbooks and course materials, improved student assessment tests, online learning and institutions

Digital Security

With the pace of online security development only likely to increase, we believe digital investments offer interesting short and long term opportunities.

Real Estate Development

We have experience and are interested in entering real estate projects at an early stage of their lifetime, i.e. in the planning or pre-building phase.

Joint Ventures

We are actively interested in participating together with other entities. We have particular interest in active deals with both real estate and technology. 

Aged Care and ECEC

We are very invested in bringing Quality Aged Care Training to China.

Start Ups

We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation

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