If you think your company is ready for venture capital funding, we’d like to hear from you. We do require all potential companies looking for investment to go through a detailed screening process before we will consider scheduling a meeting about a possible ongoing capitalisation relationship. Therefore, we ask you to submit the following information to us online so we can perform our due diligence before contacting you about possible investment opportunities.

Your Business Plan
Please submit your business plan in the form below. This is one of the most important documents we will review, so make sure that it is ready for professional evaluation before you submit it.

Your business plan should include details about projected costs and revenue for several years in the future. These numbers should be realistic, and sourced with reasons as to why they are achievable. It should also include the steps your company has already taken, what goals it has accomplished, and what challenges it expects in the future.

Expected costs should be verifiable, and the growth potential of your company well defined. It should also include information about any backup plans that are in place should one of your goals or milestones prove elusive.

Your Core Idea
We only invest in people who are excited about their idea for a new product or service. We believe that enthusiasm is a precursor to success. And we also believe that even the best business plan won’t support a concept that isn’t engaging.

Please use the form below to explain your core idea to us. Tell us why you became excited about it. Explain how it is different from what is already on the market. Let us know how you came to have the idea in the first place. Go into detail about why you think your core idea has a global, and not simply local market potential. Also explain any challenges you have overcome while fine-tuning your core idea.

Share your passion for your core idea in the field below – and make us as excited about it as you are.

Your Level Of Experience
When evaluating your proposal, it helps us to know how much experience you have. This does not have to be business experience. If you have built a better mousetrap, we are more interested in how many years you have spent building mousetraps than we are about your time spent working in a corporate environment. We simply need to know what your professional level is, and what expertise you are bringing to the table. Please provide that information in the field below.

Your Team
Finally, we want to know about the people you have brought on board. Seeing who you have picked to work with gives us a greater sense of your judgement and the potential of your company. It also lets us know if we will need to help you with corporate restructuring as part of our investment with you.

In the field below, please provide documentation of the skills and experience your team brings to the table.